Every website, blog, and podcast starts with a first article. Well, that’s not the surprising secret that’s being revealed here. But what is the theme of this blog, what does it focus on, and what should the content of this site be? First, I’d like to briefly introduce myself: My name is Steffen, I am 57 years old, originally from Germany, and currently residing in Fisterra, Galicia.

I work as a blogger, pilgrim, and journalist, a profession I have been pursuing in the background for now 11 years. My publications have so far mainly been limited to photos and some texts on pilgrimage routes, which were published in various media, but without much mention of my name since they were commissioned works created during various pilgrimages.

The Focus of the blog

The focus of this blog is on topics such as pilgrimage, outdoors, and also on technology, especially artificial intelligence and its applications. As an independent publisher and content creator, I am a one-man business and therefore rely on certain technologies that I never had to deal with before – partly because it was not necessary. However, the rapid pace of our societies makes it necessary for me to work with AI in translation, as this site is operated in six languages.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou

I am fluent in three of them – German, English, and Spanish – and am currently learning Galego. I am foregoing French, which I am also proficient in, in favor of the regional languages of Spain, Euskera (Basque) and Catalan, as pilgrimage routes run through these regions and one of my personal concerns is the preservation of these beautiful languages. I understand both languages in written form but am not yet proficient in speaking and writing these regional languages.

Things to change, things to adapt

This is something I want to change with this blog, as AI can be very intelligently and usefully employed for this purpose. I will also write about this in the future, in relation to my own learning experiences and practical experiences. Finally, a note: Journalism is a meager bread for many in today’s digital age, and it requires creativity and new ways to earn a living. Therefore, there will also be commercial articles on this site, linked to affiliate marketing and an own online shop. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email or contact me via social media, referring to this website.

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