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Step into this enchanting, fascinating, and challenging world of pilgrimage. The pages of this magazine offer insights for both novices and experienced pilgrims alike. View the articles, stories, and accounts as an invitation and inspiration to rediscover the world through the eyes of a pilgrim.

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The accounts in this magazine first lead you to the mystical end of the world in Fisterra and its surroundings. Over time, the path leads from the end of the world in the opposite direction, across the historic Camino Francés to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. Above all, the rich diversity of pilgrim experiences, from their quiet footsteps to loud encounters, is documented. The spirit of the Camino comes directly to your monitor through detailed reports and personal narratives.

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As a blog, magazine, and journal all in one, ‘Investigasteve’ is more than just a source of information:

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Graffiti along the French Way, 2012



Every website, blog, and podcast starts with a first article. Well, that’s not the surprising secret that’s being revealed here….

  • In-depth Reports: Discover stories about significant events and special places on the Camino.
  • Personal Stories: Share the experiences and insights of pilgrims who came before you and walked the same paths.
  • Cultural Insights: Dive into the culture, history, and art that make the Caminos so unique.
  • Interactive Platform: Use the opportunity to connect with other travelers and participate in their advice, stories, and experiences.

Of Hikers and Narrators

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With every new post in this magazine, you set your foot on paths that not only lead through Spain and Portugal but also through the heart of pilgrimage, represented by Santiago de Compostela, to the end of the world and thus the beginning of a “new” life.

Whether you are preparing for your first pilgrimage or wish to delve deeper into the experiences of others, ‘Investigasteve’ is a potential companion and guide.